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B in Korea

I teach middle school girls and boys in Korea about Western culture, language and music! I love immersing myself in the Korean way of life. You'll find lots of different things here about Korea from a Korean and a Western perspective! Happy browsing.
Dec 28 '11

Are you hungry? versus Hi! How are you?

In Korea many people greet you with “Have you eaten?” Why is this? Well, let me take a stab at it. Back in the day when Korea was at war do you think it was more practical to say “how are you?” to a starved man walking by your home or “have you eaten?” I’d say the latter. If your country is ravaged by war and hate you search for love. How did Koreans with money love on Koreans without? FEEDING THEM. Young Koreans these days want to be Western so bad that they forsake their homeland’s traditions and customs. It’s heartbreaking to watch young kids reject their parents due to misunderstandings. They see their parents as oppressive and backwards. In reality, their parents are loving them the best way they know how. You learn from your parents, people. They learned from their parents. It goes back for generations. Greeting someone with food was taking care of their immediate, physical needs. It was showing love. Remember that while you travel Asia. They aren’t being rude. They are loving you.

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